Conference paper : New Wet gas in the Gulf of Mexico

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1 August 2019
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Conference paper : New Wet gas in the Gulf of Mexico

Multiphase Flow Meter in Gulf of Mexico

ENI Petroleum needs a Wet Gas Meter to do well testing on new well on the Allegheny platform.

They decide to install the VEGA, the TEA Sistemi’s innovative multiphase flowmeter, particularly suited for wet gas metering.

It has been developed by TEA Sistemi and tested in Trecate field in two sets of tests carried out in July 2000 and May-June 2001.

To our knowledge this is the first installation worldwide of a three-phase wet gas meter not based on pre-separation of the excess gas, other competitors still using the oil multiphase flow meter without success in the wet gas flow.

Allegheny Productionis is characterized by large gas velocities, pressure above 1500 psi and very low condensate and water volume fractions (< 0.2 – 0.3%). Under these conditions, none of the commercial MPFMs can provide acceptable readings.

On the platform, the existing production allocation separator was used to certify the first results. Next graphs shown the excellent results:

Gas Flow VEGA multiphase flow meter
Total liquids flow VEGA
Vega multiphase flowmeter liquids flow

The meter was used as well testing meter in the following years.

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