Research & Development

Over the last 25 years TEASistemi carried over 90 R&D projects supported by industry partners and the European Union


TEASistemi also supported with own founds a number of projects.
In the meantime the Company has produced more than 100 technical papers and 11 patents.

Our R&D Projects

During the years TEASistemi was involved on several large research and development projects,

both cofounded by institution and directly funded by private companies (ENI, ABB, COSTACURTA),ranging from downhole equipment design to new separator concept development. In most of cases, TEASISTEMI was managing also the patenting phase of project results, both for proprietary and third party inventions.

Client Year Subject Summary
European Community (H202 Programme) 2017-2020 GEOCLAD Project Development of a online platform for geothermal power plant design and monitoring
Eni E&P 2018-2020 TOIXCOS Feasibility analysis, laboratory test and design of an active wall for H2S release containment
Eni E&P-TEASISTEMI 2005-2019 MAST project Development of a transient code for the description of multiphase flow in a hydrocarbon transportation system
Tuscany Region 2014-2017 BIOGEL Project New nanotechnology materials development and laboratory tests for drilling activities optimizations for the sustainable exploitation of fossil and renewable energy potential (geothermal resources and hydrocarbons)
Eni E&P 2003-2014 DOWS project Detailed design and testing of the separator: Extensive CFD analysis, detailed design and testing of the DOWS prototype
Eni E&P 2006-2010 SESAME project Stratified Dispersed flow in near-horizontal pipes: Data acquisition and model development for the description of stratified dispersed flow in near horizontal pipes. Development and. implementation of a method for the allocation of production in a multilayer intelligent completion well. Experimental activity on a downhole valve for fluid dynamic characterization
Eni E&P 2010-2017 Control Undersea Blow-out Events Design, realization and test of an innovative system for the capture, separation and controlled transport to the sea surface of the multi phase mixture released by an underwater well in blowout conditions

CUBE Project - now RAPID CUBE

"Let's take the big accident at Macondo, which spread crude oil throughout the entire Gulf of Mexico. There, a large steel bell was used to suck up the uncontrolled spill from the submarine well. But as methane also escaped with the oil thousands of meters below the sea, the latter froze in the bell, forming methane hydrates and put it out of use. We, however, with Eni have developed Cube, patented in 2010 just a few days after the big accident. An emergency bell-shaped system, too, but able to separate the gas from the crude oil and to send the two fluids on two different circuits, tailored to each. With our system, Macondo probably wouldn't have happened".

Paolo Andreussi, President and Founder TEASistemi. Excerp from "La fabbrica in fondo al mare"