Our company

Our history

began 30 years ago

In 1989, Centro TEA (Tecnologie per l’Energia e l’Ambiente, Energy and Environment Technologies) was set up as one of the R & D Divisions of Pisa-Ricerche, a consortium formed by the University of Pisa and major Italian Companies.

In 1997, TEASistemi was formed as a spin-off of Centro TEA in the field of Petroleum, Process and Environmental Engineering.

At present, TEASistemi is an independent stock company which counts on more than 50 highly skilled professionals.

Mission and vision

TEASistemi provides high quality, innovative, reliable and tailored solutions to our customers delivered safely by a highly skilled workforce, to retaining and growing our portfolio of satisfied, long term local and international customers.

Our vision is to be a recognised leading supplier of Flow Assurance, Process and HSE services in our chosen markets, as well as leaders in R&D solutions provision. To achieve this, we will:

  • Increase people commitments to the projects
  • Strive to attract and retain the best people
  • Invest on Research, Development and people training
  • Seek to provide services that are market leading
  • Endeavour to exceed our customers' expectations

Meet our team of experts

We work with you to solve your engineering and environmental challenges.

We also develop new products and provide advanced services.

Careers at TEASistemi

If you are enthusiast about technology,
looking for job satisfaction,
and if you are not afraid about
breaking new ground
in the Energy and Environment world...